What is a Kove and Co bag made out of?

Kove and Co bags are made from EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) Foam. A lightweight and water resistant material that is durable, soft, and flexible. 


What is EVA

EVA is biodegradable, durable and free from BPA and other harmful toxins. Slight marks and variations in the EVA is not considered a fault, but adds to the unique nature of each bag.


How do I care for my Kove and Co bag?

Caring for your Kove and Co bag is super easy. If your bag is dirty, cleaning it with water will do the trick. For messier bags, you can clean it with an antibacterial wipe or a combination of soap and water. 

To maintain its shape and avoid warping, refrain from leaving your bags in areas of extreme heat like the boot of your car.

Avoid heavier items from leaning against your bag for an extended period of time as this may cause your bag to become misshapen. 

My Bag Twist Buttons don't seem to be connecting properly?

ÔĽŅSometimes the buttons need a little push to connect them securley to the next thread. Please click this link for instructiosn to connect your buttons.

How much weight can they hold


What is the capacity of the bag

Litre capacity is 25 litres

What size are Kove & Co Bags

What is included with a Kove & Co Bag

Along with the Kove & Co bag you will receive

2x Handles

4x Bag Twist Buttons

1x Insert


I need extra plastic inserts and bag twist buttons, do you sell them?

Yes, we do. Here are the product pages for plastic inserts and bag twist buttons. 


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we offer our wholesale pricing to qualified retailers. Please click here for more information.