Designed by an Aussie Mum for Families on the Go!

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Why Kove & Co Bags Are Different

Designed locally with Coastal Luxe in mind.

Our beach bags are sturdy and stylish, specially made to simplify your life and give you the freedom to enjoy your life, the way you want to enjoy it. Families of all descriptions love the Kove & Co beach bags because they fit everything the family needs for a beach trip or a day by the pool, and can be easily hosed out in case of spills or nappy emergencies… we get it!

Or maybe you’re heading down the beach for a sesh with the girls - fill it up with ice and pop the champagne or a few ciders in there. These beach totes will see you through any occasion, kiddies or no kiddies.

Sturdy & stable
Easy to clean
Durable & longlasting
Cute as hell

  • Born on the Sunshine Coast, locally owned and designed, Kove & Co beach bags are made for your best summer yet. No more carting around multiple bags to and from the car. No more flimsy bags that fall over and spill your belongings into the sand. Our EVA foam beach bags have been designed to hold everything, and withstand almost anything. Just hose them out and don’t look back - one less thing to add to the laundry list.

    *Mums everywhere throw their hands up in celebration*

    Just kidding, we know you have no free hands. That’s why our beach bags are perfect for you!

Locally designed by an inspired Sunshine Coast mum - an innovative design with a coastal luxe feel