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Tribe Pouch

Tribe Pouch

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Introducing the Kove & Co Tribe Pouch – your secret weapon for conquering life's extra messy situations! They hang perfectly from your Kove & Co Tribe bag handles so you can keep your messy things separate from your dry things.

Tribe pouches come with a water resistant insert to give you an extra layer of protection for wet situations

  1. Cloth Nappies: With two separate pockets, you can effortlessly keep clean and dirty nappies apart.

  2. Swim Bag: Take your soggy swim gear from "soggy mess" to "organized success"

  3. Spare Clothes Bag: Perfect for daycare or kindergarten, ensuring you're always prepared with spare clothes.

  4. Toilet Training: Who needs a sidekick during potty training? Our Tribe Pouches swoop in to save the day when accidents strike.

  5. Travel Essential: Jet-setting? These bags keep your toiletries from going all "explosive action scene" in your luggage. Travel drama, averted.

  6. Messy Situations: Muddy shoes, questionable spills – you name it, our Tribe Pouch will handle it like a pro.

Hang one from your Kove & Co Tribe bag or throw it in your car – it's your emergency kit for everything from spilled juice to unexpected monsoons

Insert Specs

Each insert is 25cmx20cm

Tribe Bag Care Instructions

To ensure that your EVA Kove & Co Tribe bag doesn't lose its structure or shape, it's important to avoid exposing it to extreme heat.

Some minor marks or variations are normal for EVA, they make each bag more one-of-a-kind

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Looks as good as it does in the photo, love the material and colour.