Unlock Ultimate Beach Fun: Finding The Perfect Large Family Beach Bag

The secret to stress-free beach days: choosing the right family sized beach bag

Two Large Family Beach Bags at the Beach

The Importance of a large family beach bag

There is nothing worse than going on a family beach day and realising your bag just isn't the right size or material to carry all of your family's belongings. From swimming gear, sunscreen, water, toys, hats, towels, phones and snacks, there is a lot to consider. Plus, you can’t forget about the wet, musty smell that starts brewing in your bag after you've come home from the beach. Or the wet sand that is in every crevice and hard-to-reach corner of your bag. It’s safe to say that selecting the right large family beach bag is important and very necessary for an enjoyable day out.

Carrying all of your family's gear to and from the beach is a big job. But, with the right beach bag, it can be made a whole lot easier. Having a spacious, family-size beach bag simplifies your beach days by reducing what you have to carry into just one bag. This means that hikes from the car to the beach, and vice versa, are made a whole lot easier, especially when you need to keep your eyes on your little ones.

Essential Features of a Large Family Beach Bag

Family beach bags may be different depending on what your family looks like. For those with younger children, you may require a bigger bag with more space to carry more. If you have older kids, you might not need to pack as much. However, generally speaking, family-sized beach bags are larger than typical totes and are made out of durable material.

Size and Capacity

One of the most important factors of a family beach bag is its size. Being able to fit everything you need for a day at the beach into one bag is what makes them so convenient. Your beach bag should be almost as wide as it is deep, making it easy to spread out, reach inside and easily find what you need.

Durable and Water-Resistant Material

Not all beach bags are made equal, and material is often what separates first from last when comparing beach bags. If you are searching for peak convenience whilst on the beach, look for a sturdy bag that stands up by itself. There is nothing worse than a floppy bag that won't cooperate. Resulting in half of the sand from the beach now being in your bag, but you also can’t store anything upright either.

Family Size Beach Bag at the Pool

Multiple Compartments and Pockets

We know that there is nothing worse than fishing your keys from the bottom of a wet, sandy beach bag after a long day in the sun! This is where organisational compartments come into play. If you're buying a family beach bag with the intention that you’ll only be taking that one bag, you’re going to want to have a few different sections to organise your belongings. Ideally, a beach bag should have a waterproof section where you can store your important items like phone, wallet and keys.

Considerations When Choosing a Large Beach Bag

We’ve already talked about the essential features of a good beach bag, but there are some considerations to keep in mind when looking for your family-sized beach bag.

Family Size and Needs

Everybody's family looks a little different, the size and needs of your family will affect what features are more important to you. If you're a family with younger children, you might need to consider a larger-sized bag to accommodate carrying extra nappies, changes of clothes, etc. However, if your children are a little older, you may only have to pack towels, sunscreen and some snacks, in which case you may not need as much space. Think strategically about how much room your family will need for a day at the beach.

Types of Beach Items You Carry 

As well as considering the size and needs of your family, it is important to also think about what your family normally requires for a day at the beach. Do you normally bring a few water toys? Do you pack beach umbrellas or chairs? All of this will affect what you need out of a beach bag.

Weight and Portability of the Bag

The weight and portability of your beach bag are other important factors to consider. You want to ensure that a family beach bag has a relatively high weight threshold. It is also important to consider how comfy the bag straps are. Are they long enough? Are they padded? This is especially important as family beach bags can get quite heavy, ensuring they are easy to carry will make your beach trips far more seamless.

Style and Design Preferences

The style and design of your beach bag will be different for everyone. Usually, beach bags come in lots of bright colours and beachy patterns. A good tip is to choose a recognisable colour that stands out from the sand so you can easily spot it when you’re coming back from the water!


How the Kove & Co bag fits

All in all, there is a lot that goes into choosing a beach bag that is just right for your family. That is exactly why we created the Kove & Co beach bag! Our bags combine all of the essentials for a solid family beach bag. 

  • Size: With a 25-litre capacity, you’re sure to fit just about anything into our bags. 
  • Compartments: Our bags come with a complimentary waterproof bag insert so you can tuck away your important items and stay organised.
  • Material: Our bags are made entirely out of Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA). EVA is incredibly durable, but it is also 100% waterproof, meaning that when you're done at the beach, you can simply run your EVA bag under water and get rid of all the sand! It also means that any spills or funky smells can be easily wiped out with an antibacterial wipe. 
  • Durability & Portability: Kove & Co bags are high quality and incredibly durable. Their convenient rectangular shape means they can fit just about anywhere. You can even adjust the straps so that you can tuck it onto your pram.


Tips for Packing Your Large Beach Bag Efficiently

Finding the right beach bag is one thing; you then also need to ensure you’re packing it properly to get the most organisation out of your bag.

Organising Items by Category

One of the easiest ways to ensure you pack all of your beach essentials is to organise items by category. Pack towels and dry clothes in one section, store snacks and hydration together, and toys and entertainment together. You can also work backwards by packing what you will need first at the beach, like towels to lay down at the top of your bag and keep working your way through.

Utilising Compartments and Pockets

Utilising your bag's different compartments and pockets will help your bag stay organised and neat, especially if you are packing by category. This will also make everything much easier to find once you're on the beach.

Waterproof Pocket inside Family Beach Bag

Maximising Space and Minimising Clutter

It can be hard to not want to pack everything when preparing for a beach day, but remember less is more. The beach is enough entertainment for your family alone, when in doubt, always just stick to the essentials of towels, sunscreen, water and snacks. This will help to maximise space while minimising clutter in your family beach bag.

Preparing a Checklist for Beach Essentials

If you struggle with packing, whether that is overpacking or forgetting some of the essentials, the best thing you can do is make a list. This will help you to come fully prepared to enjoy your day in the sun. On your list, start with the absolute essentials, then brainstorm some extra things that could make the day more entertaining. When packing your bag, put all of the essentials in first, then work out what else from the list you have room for.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Large Beach Bag

Proper maintenance and cleaning are essential steps in prolonging the life of your large beach bag. 

Properly Rinsing and Drying After Each Use

Once your day at the beach is over, it is easy to want to immediately have a nap and forget all about the wet towels in your bag. But, it is essential that you give your bag a proper rinse and dry after each use to ensure it doesn't start to wear out or start smelling.

Removing Sand and Stains

If you have an EVA bag, removing sand and stains is super simple. To get rid of sand, simply run it underwater. If you have any stains, an antibacterial wipe should do the trick. If you have a canvas or mesh bag, you may have to put it in the washing machine or give it a hand wash to get rid of stains. With this material, we recommend waiting until the bag is dry to shake out and remove any sand.

Storing the Bag During Off-Seasons 

In winter, it is likely that your bag won't be on the beach too often. Make sure to store your beach bag somewhere out of direct sunlight to avoid having the colour fade.


Multi-Purpose Uses of a Large Beach Bag 

Many family outings are similar to beach trips; you've got to have a lot of space to ensure everyone has what they need. So while you may be searching for the perfect family beach bag, once you have found the right bag, don't just limit it to the beach!

Picnics or Park Outings 

Large beach bags are also great for picnics, BBQs, or any kind of day in the park. They have plenty of room to pack family essentials for a day of playing. Our EVA bags in particular, are great for this as they double as an esky, so you can chuck some ice and a few cold ones in and have a great day out!

Family Travel and Day Trips 

Wherever your family may be going, using your beach bag is probably going to be perfect! Once you have chosen the right beach bag, you already know that the spaciousness and organisation will be just right for your family and whatever adventure you are on!

Grocery Shopping and Errands 

The Kove & Co bags are also perfect for grocery shopping or running errands. While you could totally use any canvas bag to do your groceries, we find that because of the size, you can fit pretty much all of your groceries for the week. And the structure of the bag means you can stand up any liquid or fragile items.

Why you need a large family beach bag

Choosing the right large family beach bag is super important to ensure that you can spend your days at the beach relaxing. The right beach bag will make family trips far easier by reducing your load to just one bag, helping you stay organised and being easy to clean out.

Ensure your next family beach adventure is as fun and relaxing as it should be by choosing the right beach bag for your needs. For whatever adventure you may be taking, the Kove & Co is perfect for any family. Its generous size, organisational compartments, and the sturdy, durable, and waterproof EVA material means it can handle whatever you throw at it! Shop now to find your family's dream bag.


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