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Tribe Bag in Mermaid Muse

Tribe Bag in Mermaid Muse

Designed by an Aussie Mum for Families on the go.

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Meet Mermaid Muse, your family's next favorite beach bag. This waterproof marvel isn't just about keeping your beach day essentials dry; it's about adding a dash of fun to every outing. With its vibrant, mermaid-inspired color, the Mermaid Muse is the perfect companion for families looking to add a bit of magic to their beach adventures.

Designed with the idea that beach days should be carefree and full of laughter, Mermaid Muse has enough space to carry everything from snacks to sunscreens, towels to toys. It's built to withstand the elements, ensuring that whatever you pack stays safe, dry, and ready for use, whether you're lounging by the sea or chasing after the kids.

But Mermaid Muse is more than just a waterproof beach bag; it's a statement. A nod to those who love the sea's call but also appreciate a touch of whimsy in their practical beach gear. It's for the families who pack not just essentials but also a sense of adventure for their day out.

So, if your beach outings are about building memories as much as sandcastles, let Mermaid Muse be part of your journey. It's not just any beach bag; it's the beach bag for family fun, designed to carry your essentials and capture the essence of your adventures by the sea.

Bag Specs

EVA Foam

41cm-46.1cm W x 32.2cm H x 21cm B

Handles come inside the bag, just twist the buttons into the holes as tight as you can - and for good measure, twist again!

Holes for breathability (or plug with accessories - coming soon!)

Kove & Co original stamp found at the underside of the bag - share the love by making your impression on the sand!

20cmx25cm PVC insert to keep your important things dry and sand-free

Care Instructions

To ensure that your EVA Kove & Co bag doesn't lose its structure or shape, it's important to avoid exposing it to extreme heat.

Some minor marks or variations are normal for EVA, they make each bag more one-of-a-kind

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews

Love it

Michelle Gill

Everyone needs this bag. From beach to shop, wine cooler and travel bag. Makes a great gift for all ages.

Katherine Ross
Tribe bag

Excellent product perfect in every way but one little thing disappointed me, the handle screws are not the best especially when a bit of weight in bag otherwise love it can’t complain 😍


The best bag I have ever brought! I get So many compliments. It’s a great bag & the colour is so pretty.


This bag is perfect for my everyday life, can pack everything for work, gym and kids needs! Love it!